jane and serge by andrew birkin

‘’I came to steal you one hundred million kisses.’’ Celebrating one of the most passionate love affairs of our time, through a collection of intimate photos taken by Andrew Birkin, Proud Galleries presents Jane and Serge. He was a French poet-singer-songwriter and she was British actress and muse of many, and for twelve tumultuous years they captured the heart of a generation.

Eva Green in The Dreamers Movie. Love her style! ❤💣🔫

Yang dipertanyakan.

Yang diagungkan,
Yang disembah,
Yang dipuja,
Yang dicari,
Yang dipertanyakan.

Apa perlu dipertanyakan?


Seperti angin,
Hanya dapat kita rasa.

Jangan paksa untuk menggenggamnya,
Karena kau takkan pernah bisa.

Rasakan, rasakan saja lah.